Walking into the best experience of my life (Photo Credit: Patty Price)

Walking into the best experience of my life (Photo Credit: Patty Price)

When I first signed up to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland I went into it thinking I was going to be on the side lines observing runners or triathletes. That was certainly not the case! A few day before our trip to Dublin, my professor Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley had mentioned I may have a chance to become a participate with the Piranha Triathlon Club. I was ecstatic! I had always wanted to be part of a triathlon team!

With this great opportunity, I have been fortunate enough to train with the most committed, easy-going and supporting triathlon club in Dublin. Not only did I train with them, I also traveled with them to races (Athlone & Clontarf) and spent quality time with them afterwards, making me feel more connected.

While training and competing I have been able to explore Ireland and learn about myself. For one I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to, even if that means I had to confront being by myself most of the time. Back home I have alway had the support of my loved ones for everything. Here I had to be comfortable with not being comfortable. This allowed me to learn to explore a new world by myself. I took chances and risk in order to able to make the most of my experience. There were times where I was scared of getting lost and I would eventually get lost, but realized everything was okay.

If asked if I would do this all over again I would say where do I sign up. In Chicago I plan to use what I have learned to my future training and competition in triathlons.

Thank you to  Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley and the Piranha Triathlon club for giving me this breath-taking experience.