My first visit on campus was November 1997. They were different times on and around EasOptimized-IMG_1196t

John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD Program Leader

John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD
Program Leader

Campus.  Shadows, darkness and angst seemed to be the normal way of things then. Today, 18 1/2 years on the campus has changed. The campus has been beautified with fresh planting of shrubs and trees, shadows of concrete have been replaced by silhouettes of trees.

We recently became a non smoking campus. I feel like the combination of open built environment, planting, green classrooms without smoke filled air have made the working and learning environment welcoming and healthy. There is evidence showing that when individuals are connected to aesthetically pleasing areas, fresh air, water and natural influences they feel connected to nature they feel better. I am a case study supporting those results.