I planned for Memorial Day weekend to follow our Chicago content and photography skills orientation and the start of the program six days later. I imagined students might want the Memorial Weekend rememberance holiday with

John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD Program Leader

John Coumbe-Lilley, PhD
Program Leader

their families. It turned out most students departed for Europe and a variety of experiences in Germany, France, Italy and Spain before the program started. I imagined one transition and something different happened. This will not be the last time my imaginings will be challenged. However I did anticipate the need to bridge the learning from the orientation with the restart of the program in Barcelona.

I developed a travel pack of literature reviews for students to read. I read and preselected them for their fit with the program. I chose succinct, straightforwardly written work sophmores and juniors would grasp in one sitting with a debriefing discussion follow up. Choosing new reading for students meant thinking about their level of reading comprehension, familiarity with the terms and concepts and their experience with this kind of reading. I chose papers 15-21 pages in length. Three of them were published in peer reviewed journals in the last five years and the fourth was a highly ranked seminal article from 2003.

I assigned one paper to all students and assigned students into expert reading groups becaue I intend to use the

Jigsaw method to guide the discussion and relationship making between the articles. I will need to achieve three

Beginning the comparison between mood, movement and the Mediterranean Diet in Barcelona and Chicago.

Beginning the comparison between mood, movement and the Mediterranean Diet in Barcelona and Chicago.

things to make this an effective session:

  1. Review the objectives and key content with the students
  2. Guide them through relationship making with content in the articles and content covered in the orientation
  3. Work with them to create a broad understanding of the healthy cities concept and help narrow their focus to a point of concentration to identify and relate the kay variables

Before this session takes place, I scheduled a “course recommitment” class the day after our program and city orientation. The purpose of this short two hour class was to refresh us and reorient ourselves to the course

objectives, content and experiences ahead. We have two undergraduate research scholars participating in the program too so a period at the end of the regular day was included. This session was not exclusive, but for them, they needed to be in this meetup.

Saturday June 4 Schedule

Time Location Activity Objective Instructor
10:30am-10:45am CEA Preview the day Share out; set tone for the day Dr JC-L / Arin
10:45am-11:25am CEA Theme review and recap Refresh memory of Chicago orientation and content covered. Dr JC-L / Arin
11:35am-12:20am CEA Preview and discuss the next two classes Introduce Visual Research Methods Dr JC-L / Arin
12:20-12:30pm  CEA  Wrap up  Preview the whole week ahead.
12:45pm-1:00pm CEA Visual Researchers Meeting Students conducting or interested in trying qualitative research stay for a briefing. Dr JC-L

Congruently with the academic transition, I also need to accomodate the movement from one culture to another we all made and help the course members reconnect to themselves and the progres they made socially and personally since the start of the program. Those faculty focused processes are for a different post!