Growing up as a child, I was always encouraged and required to go outside and play. I grew up on swings, slides, and monkey bars. When I would walk down the parks of Sagrada Familia, San Juan, and the Gothic Quarter, I became nostalgic and reminiscent of my childhood.

Every park that I went to, I was shocked to find children and families playing at the parks and playgrounds of Barcelona. Nowadays, when I would walk down my neighborhood back home, I see the playground empty, rusting, and lifeless. I see children on their smart phones, tablets, and other game stations. It saddens me to see children using technology as their source of entertainment. It has become evident that children have becomeĀ dependent on technology. They would just sit and stare at a bright screen with no physical activity and no personal interaction. According to the Parks and Recreation In America by Margaret Walls, there has been a decline in local and city park usage. However, seeing children ride their bikes, enjoy snacks with their parents, and play with other kids was enlightening. Based on what I have observed, the parks in Barcelona were clean, new, and inviting. All these factors were inviting for everyone to come and enjoy. Even during the hot weather, it is shaded with the abundant of trees. There were several benches for the parents to relax. More importantly, the playground was well kept. When I compare it back to the park I used to play on back at home, there is garbage on the floor, the playground is dry, rusted, and falling apart.

It seemed like the overall environment of the playground played a big factor on whether or not a park would be used. The parks in Barcelona, were clean, new, and beautiful. Although I’m concerned about the physical activity of children, It makes me excited to see that there were children that can enjoy the same things I did as a kid.