I definitely do not want to forget:

  • Presenting my one-photo story about family dinners.
  • Maintaining a conversation in Spanish with a personal trainer at Barceloneta.
  • Learning the truth about tourism and the Mediterranean Diet

About going home:

  • Things that I have missed at home was definitely my family, my friends, and the free water.
  • Things that I will miss about Barcelona is the people that I have gotten to know, being able to explore the city, siesta time, the sights of Monsterrat, Bunquers del Carmel, Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalan, etc.

Beyond Study Abroad:

  • One thing I learned that I will use in future classes is my ability to analyze
  • Two professional/academic skills I developed during the program is the ability to critically think and perform research.
  • Study Abroad has affected my academic career by teaching me skills that I can use outside the classroom and apply it to real world settings.