2016-06-25 15-compressed

Returning Home

1.What made me laugh out loud: When Paul eats.

2. What brought tears to my eyes: When Dr. Coumbe-Lilley shared about his past in class one day.

3. My biggest cultural gaffe: When I went grocery shopping inside a local market at Sagrada Familia, I asked the vendor if he spoke English in Spanish. He said a little bit, and I nodded. Then I just started speaking to him in the little Spanish that I know. He was like why would you ask me if I could speak English if you are going to speak Spanish. Oops.

4. My biggest cultural success: Making tapas.

About Going Home

1. The five things that I missed the most about home since I have been abroad here: My church; my family; my friends; convenience stores; 24-hour restaurants.

2. Once I return home from overseas the five things (people, places, circumstances, etc.) I believe I will miss the most about living abroad are: Spanish Mcdonald’s; Patatas Bravas; Cheap Wine (especially Cava); Gothic architecture; Community with my classmates. Food Food Food Food Food.

Beyond Study Abroad

1. One thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses: How to use a camera.

2. One thing I have never done in my courses before Study Abroad, but I will do next semester: utilize my newly developed research skills.

3. 2 professional/academic skills I developed during the program that will help me in my courses: How to break down the facts and make connections between them to analyze; How to work in a team that was put together pretty quickly and work under a pressure with a short time constraint.