Returning Home

I definitively do not want to forget: that these new experiences have challenged my views on who I am as a person and what I value.

1. What made me laugh out loud: free rapping
2. What brought tears to my eyes: when my classmates would cry 🙁
3. My greatest personal insight: I can manifest any crazy idea I have as long as I put my mind to it
4. What is my biggest cultural gaffe: everyone here walks to slow and condiments are not a thing
5. My biggest cultural success: I learned how to cook !!! sort of.


About Going Home

1. The five things that I missed the most about the home since I have been abroad are: My family & friends, good beer, guacamole, sleeping in, iced coffee

2. Once I return home from overseas the five things (people, places, circumstances, etc) I believe I will miss the least about living abroad are: not having any income, the extremely painfully hot water in the shower, the thin paper towels that don’t work, paying for water and tourists.

3. The five things (people, places, activities, etc) I believe I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are: patatas bravas, mojitos, siesta, traveling for cheap & and all my new FRANDS.  (AND 1 euro wine.)


Beyond Study Abroad

1.One thing I learned that I will use in future classes is my ability to critical think and analyze a situation

2. Two professional/academic skills I developed during the program is team work and analyze qualitative data

3. Study Abroad has affected my academic career by going beyond the classroom and learning hands on.