Búnquers del Carmel, Barcelona: a stunning view of the city

Búnquers del Carmel, Barcelona: a stunning view of the city

Returning home

I definitely do not want to forget:

  • What made me laugh out loud: When Pablo Ramirez and I went bachata dancing and we had to drink well water in the middle of the plaza.
  • What brought tears to my eyes: The opportunity of being chosen by Dr. John Coumbe-Lilley to be a leader and believing in me.
  • My greatest personal insight: Being chosen to be a leader to conduct a qualitative research study.
  • My biggest culture gaffe: Siesta hour, since all the stores close down and I have to eat the daily meal special.
  • My biggest culture success: Not being on social medial all the time and enjoying the time with my friends.

About going home

  • The five things that I missed the most about the home since I have been abroad are: Sour cream, air conditioning, Lithuanian food, Target, and large cup of coffee
  •  Once I return home from overseas the five things I believe I will miss the least about living abroad are: Sharing a bedroom, having to buy water everyday, the heat,language barrier being a problem, and having to carry all  my groceries 2-3 blocks.
  •  The five things I believe I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are: Getting fresh bread in the morning, the price of wine, meal of the days for 10 euros,Búnquers del Carmel (a place we used to go and enjoy looking at the city view), and the fresh market.

Beyond Study Abroad

  • One thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses: To have confidence in myself and not to underestimating my capabilities.
  • 2 professional/academic skills I developed during the program that will help me in my courses: conducting a research study and  learning the skill of critical thinking.
  • One thing I have never done in my courses before Study Abroad, but I will do next semester: having my homework done before it is due, so someone would be able to review my work.
  • Study Abroad has affected my academic career in the following way because: I became a stronger person by having an open-mind on situations that can benefit everyone, not just me.