Working my way to the summit

Returning Home

1. What made me laugh out loud: All the times spent together having family dinners, especially during our dinner theater.

2. What brought tears to my eyes: When I had to present my photo to the class and I talked about how it made a huge impact on my life.

3. My greatest personal insight: Everybody I meet and interact with are my inspiration

4. My biggest cultural success: slowing down a fast-paced lifestyle

About Going Home

1. The five things that I missed the most about home since I have been abroad are: my Godson, my family, driving my car, the lifestyle of convenience, the friends I left back home

2. The five things I believe I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are: The friendships that I’ve made, the quality of the ingredients in the food, visiting new places on the weekends, family dinners, classroom excursions

Beyond Study Abroad 

1. One thing that I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses: Every single person that I meet is inspiring.

2. 2 professional/academic skills I developed during the program that will help me in my courses: getting my peers to work with me, rather than work for me & working on the process after the end goal is made clear.

3. One thing I have never done in my courses before Study Abroad, but I will do next semester: Making outlines and concept maps.