Returning Home

I definitely do not want to forget:

1. What made me laugh out loud: When a whole bunch of us went to MulaFest in Madrid and we played beach volleyball at the music festival which was so much fun!

2. What brought tears to my eyes: Listening to everyone’s experiences through their one picture stories that we had to present to one another during class. I loved hearing about what was important to everyone and seeing it all from a different perspective.

3. My greatest personal insight: I have learned that I can do anything I set my mind to, including additional research with program requirements. I learned that I am so much more than what my academic achievements show.


About Going Home

1. The five things that I missed the most about home since I have been abroad are:

  • My family and friends
  • Chicago
  • Stores being open all day
  • Chilling at home and doing nothing
  • Free water at restaurants

2. The five things I believe I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are:

  • Siesta time
  • Seeing Sagrada Familia from my balcony every morning
  • Tapas and Sangria
  • Fresh food
  • Access to everything without a car

Beyond Study Abroad:

1. One thing I learned that I definitely use in my future courses:

  • I learned that there you are able to do so much in such a short amount of time. When we did the 4 day Barcelona Project, I was surprised that we were all able to come together and have a great finished product. .

2. One thing that I have never done in my courses before Study Abroad, but I will so next semester:

  • I have never, in my courses before Study Abroad, worked solely with 17 other classmates in a class setting that allowed us to learn through experience. I have not been in a course this small and I loved that you knew everyone and was able to better connect with the professor and TA.

3. Study Abroad has affected my academic career in the following way…because:

  • Study Abroad has affected my academic career by showing me that I can do a lot in a short amount of time. This has shown me that I am able to manage my time to create a product that I am happy to share with others and feel proud of.