I definitely do not want to forget:

1. What made me laugh out loud: Mallorca rock jokes

2. What brought tears to my eyes: Having my classmates understand how much I love the outdoors and feeling that same passion and exhilaration after they climbed Montserrat

3. My biggest cultural success: Being able to order groceries in Spanish or Catalan

About going home:

1. The five things that I missed the most about home since I have been abroad are:

  • Peanut butter…..
  • Free Water
  • Routine
  • Stores being open the whole day
  • Air conditioning

2. The five things I believe I will miss the most from abroad once I have returned home are:

  • Montserrat
  • Hearing Spanish and having no idea what they are saying
  • Fresh produce
  • 2 euro wine and the meal of the day
  • The people I have met along the way

Beyond Study Abroad:

1. One thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses:

When I lead a  group, not to micromanage, but rather let the work develop organically and facilitating the members

2. One thing I have never done in my courses before Study Abroad, but I will do next semester:

I had never done any type of research and I hope to continue research throughout my academic career. I feel like I can apply what I learn through the research into all aspects of my life, academic and personal, so much more than learning from a power point.

3. Study Abroad has affected my academic career in the following way:

I feel like I finally have the tools to work and grow my academic career because I was taught how to analyze instead of being spoon fed information.