UIC Barcelona Study Abroad 2016 group (squad).

Returning Home:

1. What made me laugh out loud:

When we’re together at dinner time and we would crack some jokes.

2. What brought tears to my eyes:

When I realized that I actually grew as a person and made my dream come true.

3. My greatest personal insight:

To feel comfortable in a new culture, try to find something that’s familiar to help you.

About Going Home:

1. The five things that I missed the most about the home since I have been abroad are:

My family: Dad, Mom, Bobby, Danny, Erica

2. The five things I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are:

I will miss the fresh markets, my classmates, Barcelona, Sagradra Familia, and CEA

Beyond Study Abroad:

1. One thing thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses:

I will always now constantly ask the questions: “why is that? or what’s the point of this?”. So I can learn more from my education.

2. One thing I have never done in my courses before study abroad, but I will do next semester:

If I ever work with a group of people and need to socialize with them I will probably ask if they want to grab a coffee and work together as one group.

3. Study abroad has affected my academic career in the following way which is my learning because:

I have always been a observational learner, so I would really observe a lesson to get a better grasp, but if I live it than I’ll achieve better results.