Family Pic

We became family through adventures we had on the other side of the world

Returning Home

I definitely do not want to forget:

What made me laugh out loud was trying to find CEA after the girls went to buy shoes and Paul and I got lost. We left the gothic quarter and saw palm trees that we didn’t recognize. We looked at each other and started laughing because we had no idea where we were!

What brought tears to my eyes was seeing mountains, towns, and incredible views that I want to share with my mom. Also, missing my family back at home and thinking about all they did for me to get to Spain.

My biggest cultural gaffe happened right after we visited Italy. I kept saying “Ciao” and “Gratzie” in Italian instead of saying “Hola” and “Gracias” in Spanish.

My biggest cultural success: Falling in love with seafood when my family has tried for many years to get me to try it.


About Going Home

The five things I will miss most from abroad once I have returned home are: the incredibly delicious taste of Coca-Cola with sugar cane as opposed to corn syrup, showing up to the guys apartment like I owned the place, having family dinners followed by group siesta time, meeting people who don’t speak the same language as I do, and using the Spanish I used at home with others in Europe.

The five things that I have missed the most about home since I have been abroad are: rice with refried beans, free tap water at restaurants, my mom’s hugs and company, knowing exactly where everything is without getting lost, and grass.


Beyond Study Abroad

One thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses is that learning motivates me to explore everywhere and learning from others makes my experiences unique.

Two professional/academic skills I developed during the program that will help me in my courses are being able to work in large groups by creating a common goal before starting a project and being able to analyze a lot of data by taking it in pieces. These things make large projects less intimidating and overwhelming.

Study Abroad has affected my academic career by showing me that there is more to this world than classrooms and exams. No one can ever teach you an experience.