Returning Home

I definitely do not want to forget:

– How much I laughed after Arin told us about the story about the time she saw Harrison Ford at a local restaurant in Barcelona.

– The first time I cried on the trip was during class one day when we shared how we have looked at the experience we have had here thus far. It was an emotional time for most of us to look at how much we accomplished and how we were all there for each other every step of the way.

– My greatest personal insight would have had to been when I realized I didn’t have to try to make friends with the other students in the program, it just sort of happened on its own. We all already shared a common interest that brought us together on this trip or else JCL wouldn’t have chosen us. Everything else in our friendships just unfolded along the way.

– My biggest cultural success was having the tapas class and experiencing the value of eating with family and sharing stories and meals together, it was one of the first times we all ate together as a group and bonded over how great of cooks we had become.

About Going Home

– The things I missed the most about home since I was abroad was my friends and family. Their were times where I wished they could have been there with me to experience all the great moments and culture that I was able to.

– Things I will miss the most from abroad would be the convenience of having fresh markets so close to where I’m living as well as the price of fresh produce. Another thing I will miss is the people, not only the friends I met from UIC but the ones I met at CEA and at the market, as well as randomly. Wherever I went in Spain, I always felt welcomed.

Beyond Study Abroad

– One thing I learned that I will definitely use in my future courses is the concept of patience and encouragement. If ever working in a group setting, like I did here, I learned that its an important to have a good head on your shoulders about the assignment or project, because in the end it could help motivate others in your group to do the same.

– Studying abroad has affected my academic career by pushing myself and trying new things since I was sometimes put in situations where in order to get the answer I needed or the results I was looking for I had to step out of my box and do something new. Whether it was going up to a local and asking questions about her experience or getting in front of a person to capture the image I was looking for.