When I wake up in Chicago, I feel humbled, but waking up in Barcelona, I feel very fortunate. This beautiful city has everything to offer: culture, views, food, history, and perspective.During my first week, I’ve come up with six reasons why Barcelona is good for me. The physical activity keeps me energized, and makes me feel at home. As a runner and Chicagoan, I’m a very active person. I start off my days with a quick run, and commute around the city, when back home, and in Barcelona it’s not any different. Two, Barcelona keeps my mind sharp. When one travels, their brain is introduced to new environments and experiences, therefore, challenging the brain. This challenge improves both memory and concentration. Third, Barcelona has enhanced my creativity. I’m in the process of conducting an independent study and I constantly feel motivated and inspired, when I walk the streets of this city. Depression and anxiety are tough barriers that I’ve had to overcome and continue to defeat as I move forward in my life. Considering this, Barcelona has assisted greatly in relieving stress and boosting my mental health. Pulling myself out of daily routines, and into new surroundings has reset both my mind and body, resulting in significant stress relief. Five, Barcelona has shifted my perspective. I’ve been faced with the reality of living outside my comfort zone, which as uncomfortable as it is, gives me the opportunity to transform how I see things. Last, but not least, this opportunity has increased my connections, with my classmates, but with locals, too. Barcelona has opened a major door for me to connect with people and build relationships. Being in a country, where I am forced to step out of my comfort zone, I look for comfort in my roommates and other classmates, which has created a sense of attachment. Most importantly, I feel a sense of connection with myself. I slowly feel my personal identity strengthening, that brings me back to my values and beliefs, exerting a great amount of confidence in me.