The minute I chopped my hair off I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders…literally and figuratively. The weight of society’s standards, the weight of a toxic relationship, the weight of safety, and the weight of fear.  I refuse to live my life by the standards of what society appraises as ‘beautiful’. The amount of people that would compliment me on my long hair and how they would tell me to never cut it, was sort of offensive. I have much more to offer than long hair. My long hair adds no value to my life. Without it, I’m still an intelligent woman, without it I’m still a dedicated student, without it I’m still a loving individual, without it I’m still beautiful. My heart hurts for those girls that say, “I could never cut my hair”, because I use to be one of them. I used to think that my hair made me pretty and that was all I truly had to offer. Liberating myself in this way unleashes a new side of me I knew existed, but was too afraid to explore. In turn, I’m creating my own standard of beauty.

Elite daily says, “The best thing a woman can do when caught up in the tethered ties of a breakup is to embark on a change of heart through the change of her hair.” My ex and my current boyfriend always denied the idea of me cutting my hair. They would say how much they love it. I’m a female that will not give in to society’s standard of beauty, let alone a man’s. Coming out of an eight-year toxic relationship I learned to let go and live.

For many years, long hair has been my security blanket and comfort zone. However, traveling has put me in situations where I’ve felt very uncomfortable. As I move forward in my life, I’ve realized that being uncomfortable is a way to grow and learn about myself. By cutting off my hair, my vision is widened without the blinding veil of long hair. With short hair, I’m stepping out of being comfortable and stepping into the broad spectrum of adventure.

Mine and Eddie’s new look!

Lastly, I’m cutting off fear. I’ve cut off the fear of being someone I’m not, to be the person I truly am; fearless.  Spain is making me feel inspired, empowered and liberated.