Rachel and I used this museum as a landmark for our derive.

The derives from Monday and Wednesday felt very much like a Marco polo game. The more people involved the more challenging it became for me to pinpoint landmarks, and navigate my way around.

The Arc de Triomf

MARCO! Monday, we started off the day in groups of five walking the neighborhood, looking for landmarks.  We split up the work evenly, so, Rachel took notes, Courtney and Felix navigated the group, and Suma and I took photos of the landmarks. Since I have no sense of direction, I was in the background observing, following the group. This activity put my photography skills to the test, more than anything. As we walked the neighborhood, I still felt very dazed and confused. If I was responsible for navigating the group around, we would have been very lost for the four hours of the activity. Throughout the exploration, I made comparisons, in my head, thinking back to Chicago and how different or similar Barcelona is.


This is a park that Rachel and I came across during our walk.

POLO! As the activity progressed our marco polos became more distant. We got lost at one point and backtracked a few blocks to get to our landmark. Monday’s walking exercise demonstrated that I need to take initiative in becoming more familiar with the area. To feel a part of the community, I need to be familiar with my surroundings.


The Barcelona Cathedral. As we went deeper into our walk, we noticed that a lot of the tourists hang in the middle of the Gothic Quarter.

Wednesday was a day of discovery, within myself and the neighborhood. This day was a two-person activity that made it more personal. Rachel and I worked together in a group Monday, so I felt like we were very compatible together. The Marco polos on this day became easier to come across and locate. I noticed that working in a smaller group made me take more initiative. Furthermore, it made me more aware of the neighborhood by navigating one another throughout the area. Reflecting on the idea of being in control, I feel like this activity gave me not control, but confidence to get myself around this great city. Rachel made me feel very at ease, as we were able to direct ourselves through the Gothic Quarter, without feeling overwhelmed, while holding a conversation as we compared both cities.