As part of the nutrition-related part of this program, students completed a project in a day process. Students got up early to get to their designated Barcelona community markets across the city. 6 groups of 3 were given the task of observing, visualizing, assessing and evaluating the fresh markets against a checklist of questions nutrition educators use to develop shopping tours as part of hands-on nutrition education. They worked independently of each other and developed frequently asked question (FAQ) responses for non-Spanish speakers. Students also presented their work in class. The links below show you the FAQs students chose to respond to complete with photographs to educate a prospective shopper to one of the six markets in six different neighborhoods in Barcelona. Review a couple yourself to learn about the similarities and differences in the markets citizens of Barcelona shop in. Did you know that it is a law in Barcelona that a person must walk no longer than 9 minutes to a fresh market on a daily basis? Could this city ordnance occur in Chicago or your city?

Mercat d’Hostafrancs – Kelly, Suma, and Luis

Mercat de Sant Antoni – Asha, Rachel and Zarbab

Mercat de la Concepcio – Madeleine, Melyssa and Courtney

Santa Caterina Market Project – Kasia, Brittany, Felix

Mercat de Sant Jordi – Paulina, Tiffany, Shailja

La Boqueria – Eddie, Stacy, Ellen

Featured image photo credit: Zarbab Ahmed