Today the curtain closed on an amazing study abroad experience. The pace of the program was intense. A 3-day orientation in Barcelona and then 31 days full throttle in an experiential program designed to exploit the learning opportunities to the maximum possible. Cataluyna, Catalan culture and the regions capital Barcelona were the classrooms to understand the relationships between mood, movement and the Mediterranean Diet.

The capstone experience for the program was a three day digital storytelling process ending today with digital stories being told by every student. The stories were inspired by their experiences students during the program. There stories will inspire you, make you laugh, cry, wonder, feel a sense of awe, think of your loves ones and perhaps long for the kind of experiences students on this program had this year.

Follow the link below to the AHS YouTube Channel to access student stories. Click here to view student stories.

We prepared for another Catalan culinary feat. Our final meal was spent together. We laughed, told stories and toasted a remarkable program.

If you have been following the blogs you will know what these students have learned and experienced. If you are still unclear watch their stories. If you are still foggy. Make an appointment when I return and I will explain it to you.

Roll on 2018.