In 2019 we intend to offer a 2 or 3 Costa Rica programs lasting 1-3 weeks. To do so I had to make a scouting trip to Costa

Rain forest gondola tour in the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Hard to see much when you are enveloped by the wild rain forest canopy.

Rica. I spent a whirlwind five days there meeting new associates and experiencing new things and fresh places. I had not been to Costa Rica before and I found the folks I talked to over the five days, friendly, fun, informative, insightful and willing to help me. They put up with my awful Spanish and made sure to put me right when needed. Followers of this site will know about our friends at CEA Barcelona, now we have new friends at CEA San Jose, Costa Rica and new friends with Student Athletes Abroad.

I was lucky enough to take a beer tour of San Jose, a walking tour of the city too; a rain forest excursion and a visit to Arenal volcano and the amazing hot springs nearby in La Fortuna. As is my way, I over did it and was knackered on the return flight home. But what did I learn?

  • Costa Rica offers opportunities for us to study and experience the content from psychology, physical activity and food from a fresh and new set of perspectives unlike anything else I have experienced.
  • Experiential learning projects are possible.
  • We can do things in Costa Rica academically we can do few places on the globe.
  • The opportunities for personal growth and development are abundant.
  • The facilities and people we can work with are terrific and meet our needs.
  • The excursions will literally be like nothing else on most of the planet.
  • Budget conscious students can do this program.
  • Student athletes will be able to complete a 3-week course in the summer and prepare for the fall preseason.

I’d say this was a very good scouting mission. Now the work begins.