Chicago Day 1. Orientation. All 2018 program members in the picture. Check out their blog profiles.

Hello Reader!

We got off to a fantastic start for this year’s study abroad program in Barcelona, Spain. We opened our program with a progressive warm-up, this program even more than previous years has even deeper interaction and quality relationships are critical for the program ahead so we needed to learn about each other’s ideas and so on swiftly. (See Lauren’s post for a detailed overview of the day). Following lunch, we finished an afternoon of team building at the UIC Student Recreation Facility climbing wall. Several folks including Grace climbed for the first time ever! This program promotes positive risk taking and challenge by choice. This program like all study abroad programs I lead has a relentless focus on experiential learning coupled with rich content for discussion and critical thinking exercises. The first orientation day was a taster for all of us to see some of each other’s qualities and create a positive vibe for everyone. Orientations need not be dull, same-old-same-old affairs. This certainly was n’t. The afternoon was made possible with financial support from the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition who covered the costs of the team building and climbing wall.

While we take our work seriously. I feel we are the kind of group who might not take ourselves too seriously.

Showing a different side.