Open space between office buildings gives people working in those building a place to go for a short break, especially a coffee break before lunch

This is like the 606 trail in Chicago but along the beach. This encourages people living around there to do some exercises while enjoying the view

People can take trains/buses, drive cars, or drive motorbikes to work.

Some restaurants and clothing stores whose customers are mostly office people

Residents in those apartment buildings can enjoy green open space with benches right outside of their building. Being outside with green and flowers helps better moods.

This is in a park. This design provides complete shades which is perfect for summer when people want to go out for fresh air but also don’t want too much heat.

This buffet place provides a lunch place for people working in warehouses around the area which doesn’t have restaurants, bakeries, and coffee shops near by.

People who want a little bit of privacy for their short break can enjoy these benches facing the green fence instead of the major street fulled of cars behind those benches.

People enjoy taking a walk and socializing here.

This sidewalk might have been designed for quite heavy foot traffic and to make sure people have minimum personal space when the sidewalks gets busy

People here don’t seem against graffiti or at least when it’s done at a right place.

Like every other big cities, not every corner of Barcelona is pretty