This is the Torres Glories. The importance of this is that it is located in a heavy tourist area and with the size of the Torres Glories, gave it a more city feel than anywhere else in Barcelona.


This is the day to day life people experience in Barcelona. Even though it is a large, well-known city, the size of the buildings, amount of trees, and road setup makes it appear more comforting and welcoming.


Because this picture was taken in a traditional city-like setting, the modern architecture of this university displays how this part of Barcelona is more modern and non-residential.


This image is indicative of how mopeds are one of the primary modes of transportation.


This image displays how people in Spain value their children, as the building in this picture is a school. It was in the middle of main streets but appeared like a fun learning environment as well as safe.


This park is what offers citizens in Barcelona a space to kick back, relax, and enjoy their day.


The park in the middle of an intersection and residential area is significant of the family and community oriented lifestyle people of Barcelona prioritize.


This image is indicate of the slow and relaxed lifestyle of Barcelona, as compared to the rushed daily life in Chicago.


The amount of nature throughout the city in Barcelona is vast compared to other cities. It shows significance by indicating that the people of Barcelona value nature to cars, buildings, and corporations.


This translates to “free political prisoners”. This phrase and symbol are seen all around the city and show the strong political involvement of citizens and what they stand for.


The graffiti in Barcelona is an important part of the city that adds personality and character to each neighborhood, and more specifically, each business.


The graffiti in each neighborhood is different, indicating that each neighborhood has its own unique “personality”.