This was the first market I encountered during my walk and I not many locals were nearby. This was probably because it was early morning.


A local who was blind was navigating across the street with the walking signal that beeps to give him a sense of direction.


This Mall was located in a more business area and intended for people who need work attire.


These flags were outside of a hotel and this was the first time I saw an American Flag in Barcelona.


This train was directly outside of the mall on the main street where all businesses were located. I implied it’s for easy transportation between different buildings when needed.


Traffic, bikes, and people running along this street reminded me of Lake Shore Drive back at home.


This photo was taken around noon, and not many kids were at the playground at the time. The few that were had their parents/guardians near them just like back home in Chicago.


Based on the architecture of this building I did not recognize it was a hospital till I saw the sign at the front door. It doesn’t look familiar to my eye compared to back home.


This was an older couple at a park I passed by and the woman was not happy with me taking a photo of her. She was laid back, relaxed with a cigarette in her left hand, enjoying the shade.


This was at a more relaxing park and a woman was practicing yoga with her eyes clothes and headphones on probably zoning the outside world out.