This was a very busy intersection demonstrating the different modes of transportation people from this area take. People can easily take a taxi, bike, scooter, ride a motorcycle or even just walk.


It was about 9:40am and the few locals walking on the streets were older people with grocery carts or bags. Many stores were still closed or getting ready to open.


Another part of the neighborhood shows even less people walking on the streets. The time was about 10:15pm and shops were still closed. Reflects how locals live a much slower paced life with shops and businesses opening later in the day.

The streets here became much more narrow and you don’t see anyone walking or any supermarkets nearby. Areas not meant for people seem to have smaller sidewalks and more space for cars.

This is the Hospital of Sant Pau and you can see it is more crowded with tourists. You know it’s a touristic place when you see a more diverse group of people.

This particular corner was very crowded. The more crowded areas offer people a variety of things such as public transportation (bus stops), supermarkets, shops, and wide sidewalks.


Another corner that was busy but not as busy as other areas of this neighborhood. Once again there’s a supermarket which is common among crowded areas. There’s also easy passage for people to walk with their carts or bags.


This is a local garden dedicated for residents over the age of 65. There’s a sense of community because things such as this garden are provided for locals to use and come together with a common hobby.

This is a big intersection which has wide car lanes and less space for pedestrians. There aren’t many people seen given that this area was designed for the efficiency of traveling in car.

The amount of motorcycles found parked around every corner of every street just seem to increase. This area is more designated for motorized vehicles and less for pedestrians to walk since we see a change in the size of the sidewalk. Yet we still have a few seen walking.

This is a picture of the same location of the above picture from a different perspective. This neighborhood clearly defined the areas meant for pedestrians by putting up sings prohibiting any walking or dogs.

Although this streets had a lot going on with wide open roads for cars, walking paths for pedestrians were still well provided. The sidewalks were wide and people were out running errands or walking their dogs. This is a friendly neighborhood, encouraging locals to walk with the convenient designated walking areas.