In the map on the left, the circle reflects the perimeter that I attempted to walk. The numbers on that map correspond with the photographs below and show where each photograph was taken. On the right, is an image of the route I actually walked. Click here to see the interactive version of the map on the right.

As I walked this path, I focused my observations on the physical environment and its effects on movement and mood.

#1 This photograph was taken at Plaça d’Espronceda. This park had plenty of benches and plenty of space to move. The park was also calm and quiet while I was there. Within this environment, I saw a man resting on a bench, another man walking his dog, and as seen in the image, there were two people stopping to share a meal together.


#2 There were large sidewalks and bike lanes one the road making non-motorized modes of transportation feasible.


#3 There was a lot of construction on the path I walked after taking photograph #2 to where I took photograph #5. The construction made transport less ideal for two main reasons, it was loud and they blocked off walking,biking, and driving paths. In this area, I saw significantly less people outside as compared to any area before photograph #2 or after photograph #5; this is reflected in photograph #3.



#4 This photograph further reflects what was stated for photograph #3.


#5 This is a panorama photograph taken with highway C-31 seen in the middle of the photo. On the left side of the image (Southeast of C-31) is Provençals del Poblenou (the area from which photographs #1 to #4 were taken) and on the right side of the image (Northwest of C-31) is where photographs #6 to #11 are taken. I took this image as a panorama because I noticed a distinct difference in environment once I crossed this bridge heading Northeast. Immediately as I crossed the bridge, I saw dozens of people walking around, biking, relaxing at a bench, etc.; this was a major difference in contrast to what I described for images #3 and #4.



#6 It felt great to be in an area full of life again. There were plenty of trees, benches, wide sidewalks, bike lanes, shops, and cafés. There was also a scent of sweet pastries in the air. I felt energized from all the movement going on, but not overwhelmed because there was plenty of space for everyone.


#7 This is where I decided to become more involved in the community I was in. I saw a few guys playing soccer and decided to join them. Thanks to the large sidewalks here, we were able to play soccer without blocking the path of those who were walking by.


#8 I took another panorama photo because I wanted to show the full view of what was to my left, in front of me, and to my right. didn’t think much of this area at first, there didn’t seem to be anything spectacular here; I was on bridge that passed over train tracks. That is until I looked to my right and noticed the unobstructed view of mountains. This view created an illusion; it made me feel as if I had all the space in the world, but in reality, I was walking on a sidewalk with a railing on one side and a fence on the other.


#9 This photograph was taken at Plaça del General Moragues. The park felt separated from the road because of the wide sidewalks increasing the distance between the two. The increased distance helped keep the park worry from any of the safety concerns that comes with being near streets. At the time of my visit, there were dog owners socializing with each other as their dogs were off of their leashes playing or resting.


#10 The design of the structure at this park surprised me because it was different than any other one I’ve seen before. Although there were no children playing here while I was there, I can imagine that at a different hour this park would be full with sounds of playing children.


#11 This was taken at park right next to where I began my journey. This entire wall, of about 100 meters in length, and all the trees in front of it were decorated with graffiti. It was bright and colorful along the dark and dull dirt walking path. The graffiti brought vibrant colors where the park lacked it.