A cool building with different drawings on each squares. There’s a restaurant and seven benches.


There was no people inside the library. There’s benches and restaurants. There are couple of people resting and reading.


Couple of people are enjoying their meal outdoors and a statue of a giraffe


There wasn’t a lot of locals around this area. I’ve seen couple of sculpture and beautiful purple flowers.


Every locals are chilling on the bench enjoying their food, reading, communicating, and dogs wondering around. Even a nice fountain with a light pole.


It was an indoor market with many fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats. There was also a cafe with benches and tables.


I visited this park called Fundacio Julio Monoz Ramonent Jardi. The park has an amazing statue in front of the building.


There was a mini statues on each side and a pound water. Only one person around this area just looking closely to the statue.


There are couple of chairs wondering in the park and a bleacher.


Good view of the pound water, the stairs, sidewalks, statue, and evergreen. Only a couple of locals were walking around.


When I visited this area, it was beautiful. There was a lot of evergreens, bumble bees, birds, and clean sidewalks.


It’s a big area. The park has its indoor museum and evergreens. Locals are resting and I don’t hear no communication.