“Travel is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”  – Anthony Bourdain

Within that unknown, I made unique memories that linked my past and present.


1. My childhood’s summer

I visited a goat dairy farm for the first time called Can Gorg in the Natural Park of Montsenyt. It had a smell that some people may dislike but was so familiar to me. I couldn’t figure it out what it was exactly. Just a few minutes later, I saw 2 pigs and the smelling puzzle was solved. Not so far away from the pigsty was a huge rooster and two geese. The smell and the livestocks at Can Gorg reminded me of my childhood summer in  the countryside with my grandma and farm kids; playing hide and seek in corn fields, chasing chickens in the backyard, and being chased by geese out of a cow farm. Can Gorg felt so peaceful that I missed the times when the farm kids next door yelled my name on the other side of the brick wall.

I didn’t grow up seeing a single goat in a farm but I did see them at the zoo. Seeing them up close and touching them made me feel like the curious kid I once was.

I was a little surprised that the rooster and the male goose stood still there for a while as if they were guarding the farm. As I remembered the chickens in my childhood memories kept moving nonstop except when they slept.


2. The unpleasant taste

I’ve always known that there are many types of cheese with different textures and tastes, but it never occurred to me that I should learn about it a bit. Having a lunch of cheese tasting triggered my curiosity about the cheese world so much that I gave myself an introduction about cheese with the help of Google

My ex-roommate loves goat cheese dearly. My youngest sister prefers goat’s milk than cow milk. Meanwhile, I often run away from goat dairy products. But my relationship with goat milk and cheese changed a little after this bio dairy visiting. The fresh, warm goat milk tasted surprisingly nice. It was lighter than regular whole milk and tastier than 2% milk. More importantly, it didn’t have a strong taste like the goat cheese I had tried before. I’m glad that I wasn’t too stubborn to give goat’s milk another try. Otherwise, still I would have had a wrong assumption about goat’s milk that it has a wild taste and smell of goat. I also gave goat cheese another try during my group’s lunch at Formatgeria Can Gorgs restaurant.

The sweetness of honey played a trick on my tongue that I didn’t realize this mel i mato was made from goat’s milk until the honey ran out. Because of its mild taste and creamy texture, I decided to get some more honey and finished. I think I’m getting used to goat products now.










3. 13″ screen

My group headed over Formatgeria Can Gorgs restaurant for lunch after the dairy farm. I got to try different types of cheese and to drink red wine that was served in a strange shaped glass pitcher. I had seen this glass pitcher somewhere else before. It was in an episode of No Reservations when Anthony Bourdain joined a family in Spain for grilling calcots and drinking red wine from the same pitcher. That strange shaped pitcher was called porron!  I was excited to see if I had the pouring wine skills. I was mostly happy that I was experiencing what, not too long ago, I had only seen on my 13” laptop’s screen while watching No Reservations.

Drinking red wine from porron is meant to strengthen relationships as multiple people share and drink the wine from the same porron. My peers’ white shirts became stained while trying to use porron for the first time. We had a big laugh at all of our attempts.

4. Recalling and Combining

I felt like a curious child again sitting in a small room full of pictures and learning about bees at an apiculture farm, Casa de les Abelles. My knowledge of bees was enhanced with every minute in that room digested the information. I recalled what I had read about bees in the past. I recalled what I had learned about their importance from my classmate’s presentation. All of the puzzle pieces came together as a fine finished product and I left even more knowledgeable about beekeeping.

I saw queen bee in the flesh for the first time ever.