Visiting the bee farm was truly an eye opening experience.

To be quiet honest, I am the person that freaks out when a bee is near. I mean who wants to feel the wrath of their sting? I know I don’t. After going to a bee keeper’s farm and learning about bee’s and their crucial role in the lives of humans, I freak out a little less now. There are a couple things I took out of this experience: Bees are feminists, and natural honey taste amazing.

A Feminist Colony

The beekeeper gave us a quick overview of how bees live and operate. The Queen bee finds 10-15 male bees to reproduce with, then cuts their penis off and keeps their sperm to continue reproducing on her own. How independent.

The bee keeper showing us the male bee which are also called “zángano” which means “lazy and useless” in Spanish.

Female bees are the working bees while the male bees are “lazy and eat all the food”. As a consequence of being lazy, the males are killed before winter. This is a survival strategy of the working bees who worked so hard for their food.

You see, a female bee does not need to depend on a male to provide for her, to protect her nor to pleasure her. The hives are run by one queen bee and several female working bees. The US still hasn’t seen a female president and woman are still struggling for equal pay (not to mention are in a constant battle with other political reforms and issues such as: reproductive health, domestic violence, etc). Bees live in a female-run world while humans live in a male-run society. Maybe we should take some tips from the bees. If the men don’t start seeing us (woman) as equal, we should take their sperm and start our own colony…….i’m only kidding! There has to be a balance between bee world and the US. One in which males and females can work and live as equals.

Female bees guarding their home. They only let you in if you have the smell of their hive or if you come bearing honey.

Bees making honey.

Natural Honey 

Going to the bee farm made me appreciate natural honey. The way the bee keeper and his family ran their honey business was very family oriented, and with so much love and care. They recently started an educational program to educate others about the importance of bees and to raise awareness of their extinction. They take so much pride in how they operate naturally. The bee keeper explained to us his disappointment in the growth of commercial farms and products. A lot of people are so concerned with saving money when it comes to purchasing food, they don’t realize all the harmful ingredients processed products like honey contain. Processed honey is usually diluted honey that is drenched in artificial sweeteners. I know from now on, I will not take organic food for granted. I respect and commend local farmers for not conforming to the US commercial farming ways of life to mass produce and think about money.

Honey coming straight from the honey combs.

Bucket of honey from the previous picture being filtered to be ready to package and sell.