I travelled to Vall de Nuria for 3-days of hiking with the people in my study abroad program. The first day consisted of a hike up to the resort from Cremallera Vall de Nuria – Queralbs, the second day included hiking up four peaks, and the third day included the hike back down to Cremallera Vall de Nuria – Queralbs.

On the second day, one common goal amongst those in our program was to hike up Puigmal. We hiked up in two groups; I hiked up with Bailey, Jorge, and Stephanny. Our group accomplished hiking four peaks. By the end of the day, what impacted me the most was our group’s excellent teamwork. This blog will be a recognition of our group’s strengths throughout our hike. 


The sun beginning to peak over the mountains.

About an hour into the hike, the sun began to shine its light on us. Just as some flowers open up their petals as the sun comes out, we all opened up to each other with a confession. Most of us shared that we did not feel well at the start of the hike and we each had concerns of holding each other back.

Since we all felt both physically and mentally better by the time we shared our confessions, there was no immediate action that we needed to take. However, haring this set the standards for the rest of the hike. We were honest and clear with each other, listened to each other’s thoughts and ideas, and worked together to make decisions.


Group Resilience: The Mountain’s Last Efforts to Take Us Down

We conquered four Mountain peaks and thought we had already won the fight. We could see the resort at the bottom and expected to complete this decline with ease. Except, the Mountain had different plans for us.

Stephanny and Bailey leading the way down. The resort we are headed towards  can be seen in the middle of the upper half of the photo.

The Mountain had a few tricks left up its sleeve. On the way down, we all slipped several times due to moving rocks and slippery grass, Bailey sat on an ant hill, I hit the side of my leg on a hidden rock while sliding down snow*, Stephanny’s fingers were swollen and felt stiff, and Jorge was having foot pain. 

The Mountain must’ve thought it was about to make a heroic comeback. However, just as we underestimated the decline, the Mountain definitely underestimated our group’s resilience. We took care of each other: we helped brush ants off of Bailey, I let Stephanny borrow my gloves, we took more frequent breaks, and we kept spirits high by encouraging each other.

Despite all the obstacles we came across throughout our entire day of hiking, we got back up, took care of each other, and finished with a glorious victory.


Fun: The Most Important One

If there were a gauge to determine the amount of fun we had it would look a little something like this:

Fun Gauge:  [|||| ||| ||||  ||||||||||| ||||| |||]| ||||||||||||  ||||||||||||| ||||
                            |         ||                |                         |                            |
What you see abov|e is a fun | gauge that cou||ld not |handle the amount of fun our group had. 
                            |                 |                                |                |
|           |                     |                                                                               |

We took this at the top of Puigmal, the first peak. We were amazed by the beautiful view, proud of ourselves and each other, and eager to tackle on more.

.                                                                                       |  
.                                                                                                                                   |

Stephanny took a picture of Bailey, Jorge, and I holding our water bottles during one of our breaks. We are not sponsored, but we welcome any sponsorship deals!

  .                                                            |

This video was taken on the way down; I decided to have some fun and put on a performance for my friends. 

*(You can see that my hat fell off while I slid down. To be clear, earlier on in the blog I mentioned that I hit my leg on a hidden rock. This happened when I slid down after retrieving my hat, not during this video)