Dear Sister,

Guess what I had learned in the past few days!? I learned how to make Tapas!! So watch out because chef Campy is about to come home and make these delicious tapas you can possibly have. At first I thought tapas were just potatoes. You might think the same way or you may have figured it out, but maybe you don’t know this. Empanada is also part of tapas. I swear if you knew this a long time ago don’t be ready to give me la chancla when I arrive home. I didn’t know empanada was also tapas. Give me the name of the food and I’m going to devourer it. I’m pretty sure you want to hear the story of what I made. Let me start from the beginning.  We had a cooking session later in the evening, and we chose wherever section we wanted to be at. There was only four tables plus the kitchen counter. We each got a sheet that tells us the ingredients that we would be making. The name this recipe is called “Montadito”, it’s tuna stuffed with piquillo peppers. It was introduced in Spain in 1493 after Christopher Columbus first voyage to America, and it says that sweet or spicy peppers was a dish for well educated people and became a traditional Spanish dish. In my table, I had loaf of bread, can of tuna, cream cheese, salt, hard boiled egg, and pimientos del piquillo. I was mixing the tuna with cream cheese, my classmate was slicing bread, and my other two classmates were opening the cans of peppers and were waiting for me. I felt bad that they were not doing anything but just opening cans, so I pace myself. It was done, I tasted it, and it was perfecto! They were stuffing the tuna and I was shredding the egg. From there I was placing the stuff tuna on the bread and I was throwing shredded eggs and chives to make it more fancy. BEHOLD!! There’s your Montandito! You can’t see it because it’s not in front of you, but you got the idea on how it looks. It was amazing sis! I took a bite and it was really good. For sure you are gonna love it. Even the stuffed eggs that other group made. It was perfecto! I’ve learned a lot during the cooking session and I can’t wait to make it when I arrive home.


Montadito of tuna stuffed piquillo peppers


Hard work for a family meal


Stuffed Eggs


Karina, you are not gonna believe what else I’ve learned. Well maybe a little. I learned how to dance to la Rumba. It’s nothing compare to Salsa. Well maybe only one which is moving your hips. It does involve moving your upper body but most importantly it’s your lower body, which is your feet, legs, and hips. Keep in my mind I have good hips rotation because my hips don’t lie. The other guys are not used to moving their hips and I get it. The only thing we are good at is moving our upper body such as arms. I was fine I could do both, except my feet. It felt like I was doing feet drills. You know during gym class there’s a ladder on the floor and you have to pump your feet like you were the flash. It was something like that. It was a lot of stomping and it felt like something is gonna collapse. Seriously the mirrors were moving. Anyways though, I had a good time. I was moving my hips and my arms. Three girls were looking at me and started laughing. In my head, I was like “OH MY GOD I’M EMBARRASSING MYSELF”. However, I did not stop dancing. I kept going with my rhythm, I see them laughing. I was like “they’re jealous because they don’t have good hip rotations like mine” After class was over, they came up to me and said I was really good at dancing. I was like “cool I thought I was embarrassing myself”. They disagree what I said, they gave me a compliment. ALRIGHT!! First compliment for dancing. It was really fun. I got the chance to see the Rumba instructor perform. Awesome day! And no I’m not going to dance when I come back! Going to be knocking things over and I’m going to get the chancla.

I felt like a hot chick!


Time to show what I got!


A photo with the Rumba instructor


My visit at Barcelona is coming to an end. I had such an amazing experience during my excursions and the community. I ate a lot of tapas but it didn’t get me fuel. I was hungry throughout the whole program, but I had a blast with my amazing friends and my professor. There’s nothing more than I want. Our mother gave us this opportunity to go to Spain. You’ll be next sister! Madrid is waiting for you, and I heard from a friend of mine that Madrid is a better place than Barcelona. I’m guessing your visit to Madrid will be better than mine, but let’s see what happens. You might feel the same way I was. I felt alone. I was so far away from you and our family. Especially our mother. I missed you so much sis. I missed all my family even my mother. When you arrive to Madrid, realize that your mom is right besides you. You’ll see her as a butterfly flying around you or besides you. No matter where you go, she’s there. You also have your groups. You are not alone. Love you Karina.

Your young brother,

Jorge Campos