Lindsey Miossi, course teaching assistant

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I am the teaching assistant for the study abroad course. I was a student in the 2015 Ireland Study Abroad Program. While in Ireland, I researched group cohesion in a Gaelic football team and have presented this research at various conferences and symposiums. I currently have research interests in bullying, sport and exercise psychology, and coach education. I have been the teaching assistant for courses in sport psychology, health coaching, and psychology of injury recovery. I am an alumna of the UIC AHS kinesiology program and have been a part of various graduate and undergraduate research teams, community service, and volunteer work.

What’s your major?

  • I have just finished my first year of my master’s program – M.S. in Kinesiology.

What are your career goals?

  • After I complete my master’s, I plan to go for my Ph. to study sport psychology. After which, I hope to continue teaching in academia. I also plan to continue my research in bullying and sport and create coach’s education and bullying programs in youth sport.

What made you choose this study abroad program?

  • This is a great opportunity for the students and I am thrilled to help and support them in their learning and research journeys. It will help me further my teaching skills, as I will be utilizing a variety of teaching methods I do not typically use in the UIC classroom. These methods assist the students with integrating themselves into the Spanish culture, which will only enhance what is being learned in the classroom. I am excited to see how far the students take this experience and create their own opportunities to better their learning.

What are your goals for this study abroad experience?

  • My goal is to provide support to the students while also challenging them to fully embrace the experience of studying and learning abroad. As I will be leading sessions, my goal is to make them think about their research and lived experiences in a deeper, more meaningful way. Another goal is gain close and lasting relationships with the CEA staff, the students, and the people of Barcelona.

At the end of the program, what memories do you want to take with you?

  • At the end of the program, I want to take away the memories of the students and myself experiencing the Catalan culture by exploring the city and making lasting relationships with the people of Barcelona.

What are your hobbies and interests?

  • In my spare time, I love to hang out with family and friends and explore Chicago. I am always up for trying new restaurants, exploring neighborhoods I have not been to yet, and going to museums. I also enjoy running and practicing yoga!

What is a fun fact not many people do not know about you?

  • I love to eat waffles, frozen. Unfortunately, it is not the healthiest of snack choices so I have given them up for the time being.