Tiffany Besana

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What’s your major? 

  • Human Development & Learning (College of Education)

What are your career goals?

  • Earn my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, work in a neonatal setting, eventually earn a phD in rehabilitation sciences, and become a professor in physical therapy school.

What made you choose this study abroad course?

  • I wanted to become invested in another culture and learn ways in which we in Chicago can better our physical, mental, and emotional health possibly by replicating the lifestyle of those living in the Mediterranean.

What are your goals for your study abroad experience?

  • Hone the skills necessary to become an effective researcher, make the most out of my time in Spain, gain a new set of friends, and share fun memories together in Spain!

At the end of the program, what memories do you want to take with you? 

  • Navigating the city of Barcelona, discovering where the best local coffee shops are at, and basking in the Spanish sun with my peers.

What are your hobbies and interests?

  • Running, playing volleyball, playing the piano, discovering music, and spending time with dogs.

What is a fun fact not many people know about you?

  • I am a walking compass who nearly always knows where geographic north points.